Evangelism and Angels

When you hear people talk about evangelism you get a lot of stuff about technique, being relevant, knowing your audience, knowing the basics of the Gospel–four spiritual laws, Romans Road, etc.

That’s all fine, I guess, as far as it goes. But the Bible sometimes brings up angels and Satan when it comes to evangelism, how come we don’t hear much about that?

We get the idea it’s us against the bad guys, if we are convincing enough they will fall before our intellect or our marketing or our mad gospel skillz. We chuck the spiritual component entirely.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

* Acts 8–Philip is led by an angel to go witness to the Ethiopian eunuch.
*Acts 16–A vision of a man from Macedonia leads Paul to preach at Macedonia
*1 Thessalonians 2–Paul wanted to visit Thessalonica to preach to them, but Satan hindered him.
*Ephesians 6–The Gospel and salvation are part of the armor of God that battles against principalities, powers and Satan’s attacks.

Now I”m not saying that you sit and wait for a vision before you go witness, but what I am saying is that there is another component to evangelism, one that sure seems like it’s out of our hands.

Salvation is a spiritual act. It regenerates a man, rebirths him. There is no slick marketing that can pull that off. It’s of the Lord, by His Spirit and through His power and might.

Yes, we should prepare ourselves and be ready always to give an answer of the hope that is in us, but we should also humbly pray and depend on the Spirit to save souls. The praying does not replace the doing of evangelism, but the praying may be the most important part.

2 thoughts on “Evangelism and Angels”

  1. Good thoughts brother, praying and being led by the Spirit are key to evangelism.

  2. In those good examples you gave, God was the plan-maker, not man. This is important.

    God has given a general order, that the gospel is to be preached to all the world. But He also needs to give the specific orders: who shall go where, what shall they say, when shall they go…etc. When we don’t wait on God for the specific orders, then our missionary work is simply that…OUR missionary work, not HIS. It is a lack of faith, and reveals self-sufficiency.

    After He gives the specific orders, then we have some of our own planning to do (when do I need to leave to get there on time, who do I need to call, etc)…that’s where our part comes in.

    Perhaps that is one reason why our missionary work is not as powerful as we expect.

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