Child-Like Faith Ends Arguments

The other day I did a post about how written rules end arguments. Thinking about it more though, no they don’t!

Ever hear anyone argue over what the Bible means? Ever hear anyone argue over what the Constitution means? Ever hear of lawyers?

I think the real point of my observations about ending my kid’s argument, is that child-like faith ends arguments. Once they heard the ruling, they accepted it and resumed their fun. It was a cool moment.

They did not stop arguing because of the written rule, but because they acceptanced it as authoritative.

The reason there is so much arguing about what the Bible means is because we are arrogant, proud adults who think submission is an archaic slavery mindset that robs us of our awesomeness.

What truly ends arguments is people coming to the Word in humble dependence. Once the words are seen, everyone accepts the pronouncement, shuts up and resumes the fun.

Which sounds like heaven to me.

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