Written Rules End Arguments

My children were having an argument that resulted in tears and accusations of one being “a big fat cheater.” The argument was over how do you tag someone out in baseball–do you have to use the hand the ball is in?

After much commotion The Supreme Arbiter and Know It All was consulted. I told them that official baseball rules say that a runner must be tagged with the hand or glove that the baseball is in.

Argument was over. No more name calling. No more tears. Instead there was unity and a happy resumption of the game.

Ahh, the blessed unity of a written code of laws. No more arguing once the rules are written, read and understood.

As I returned to the quiet and solitude of my basement study, I said a quick prayer of thanks to God for writing down His rules.

Now if only we’d read them. You really should, you big fat liar, you.

5 thoughts on “Written Rules End Arguments”

  1. I see you did not deny the “liar” part, which brings your comment under suspicion.

  2. Hey Jeff a post that includes God and baseball is great, if only you could have worked in apple pie some way it would have been perfect.

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