Find Yourself. Then Get Lost

Speaking of mindless, humanistic drivel. I get tired of people going off places to “find themselves” and going on “voyages of discovery.” If your voyage of discovery explores new lands, that’s fine. But if all you find is you, I’m disappointed. And seriously, how long does it take you to find you? How far away from yourself could you have gotten?

We spend so much time discovering ourselves we miss out on reality. Modern schooling is less about memorization, study and taking tests with books closed, and more about talking about our feelings and pontificating on the better me I will one day be when everyone realizes how much more me I could be if they would let me.


The generation that is consumed with finding itself is going to be one dumb generation. Guess what?

However, perhaps I’m one of those who is off on my own personal exploration of my inner awesomeness and I am at fault here. Maybe I’m just a bitter curmudgeon dumping water on parades.

Well, I am a bitter curmudgeon, this is true, but that does not change the reality of God’s Word. Here’s a beauty for all you self-loving, narcissistic, ¬†searchers of yourself out playing with your inner idiot:

“A fool hath no delight in understanding,
but that his heart may discover itself.”

2 thoughts on “Find Yourself. Then Get Lost”

  1. When God began to reveal to Paul the ‘mystery of Christ’ that he later wrote so much about; he took it, disappeared into Arabia and remained there for three years cut off from the world so he could fully lay hold of what he had been given. A voyage of discovery is fine, if what we are seeking is to know more of Christ. I know myself well enough, in fact I would like to lose myself, and become more like Jesus.

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