My Little Secret is Better Than Your Little Secret

I got this dvd from the library about “a secret” that all succesful people know and now I, a typical loser, can now learn it! Well, boy howdy, can’t miss that.

The “secret” is the “law of attraction.” We are supposed to think happy thoughts, funnel out bad thoughts, and great happiness will come from the universe who hears our happy mindwaves and sends us happiness.


If only the Jews had known this secret, they could have stopped that whole Holocaust thing without that big, messy war. Unfortunately, they were busy running the world by manipulating the banks.

But I digress.

This dvd is typical humanistic drivel that makes no sense. I’m sure it makes lots of sense to people who have used it and gotten fabulously rich and what not, but it makes no sense.

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct thy paths.”

Our thought is to be about God, not about our happiness. Much of reality is not happy. If we avoid all that makes us unhappy we may stay in a state of bliss, but we will also miss out on reality.

We are to direct our thoughts toward God and leave reality and results to Him. We press on doing what the Lord has for us and wait until we die. Then we go home to be with the Lord, which is far better.

teach us to number our days,
that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

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