Neptune and Saving Faith

The other day I was in what would probably be called an evangelistic conversation. I was asked a question that, quite honestly, I had never heard before and had no answer for.

I know I”m supposed to be ready always to answer a question about the hope that is in me, but wow, I didn’t know the answer to this one.

“OK, so the Bible says it took God seven days to make the earth. Neptune is like 20 times larger than earth, so how long did it take God to create Neptune?”

I just laughed. Honestly, if you’re gonna ask a question like that, I’m just not gonna give you an answer.

It’s funny in these spots, what people come up with to not believe what the Bible says. It is by faith we understand that God framed the worlds. It’s by faith. Not by scientific reasoning and deduction and fossil records. By faith.

The main reason a guy would delve into the size of Neptune to refute Scripture is because he doesn’t want to believe what the Bible says. Primarily, he doesn’t want to believe what the Bible says about HIM.

He also does not want to deal with the implications for HIM if he believes the Bible. J. C. Ryle says it best,

“It is neither the lack of evidence, nor the difficulties of Christian doctrine, that make men unbelievers. It is lack of will to believe. They love sin. They are wedded to the world.”

2 thoughts on “Neptune and Saving Faith”

  1. Here is your answer for next time:

    “It took 27 seconds…have you seen Neptune?”

    Say it with an authoritative, irony-free, pastoral tone and they’ll never question you again on matters cosmic.

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