Solomon’s Women

Let me just say right off the bat that a guy can’t have a terribly insightful spiritual thought every day, at least not one he’s willing to share with everyone.

Upon saying that, the thought in my head today is about Solomon. I just read about him in 1 Kings, the bit about the 700 wives and 300 concubines.

I don’t think any man has read that and not thought, “Solomon is the wisest man who ever lived? Seriously?” Probably one of the biggest challenges to my faith in God’s Word comes from this fact.

Furthermore, Solomon lived quite a while, he was king for 40 years. I’m just wondering what all these wives and concubines did all day, especially as they got up into their 70’s and 80’s. A thousand 80 year old women, sitting around.

Is this where the game of Bridge was invented? There was probably some Jewish guy who set up a shop next to the palace selling walkers and dentures.

Anyway, sorry. That’s all I got today.

4 thoughts on “Solomon’s Women”

  1. I’ve tripped over that whole multiple wives and concubines thing many times. Because I can’t reconcile it, I usually gloss over it and look for something else.

  2. I remember teaching this chapter high school girls at Northside and thinking how totally impossible it would be for Solomon to care about that many women – and you’re right, what did they do all day? We had some good laughs, too, however, it probably wasn’t all that funny to those 700 ladies who were forced to be part of his court.

  3. It makes you wonder if Solomon was really wise. I have one wife and love her dearly but she is all I can handle. Why would a man want that many wives?

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