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When I was in first grade I entered a contest for the “best book ever written by a first grader” or something. I wrote a book called How Mallards Got Their Colors. It was a real page turner. Readers laughed and cried and celebrated as the little white duck got his colors.

I won like, the best book ever written in the Western Hemisphere or something. MIllions of dollars were obtained, most of which my parents kept I guess.

Anyway, ever since then I have had many book-writing dreams. I have written many, many books. Many written; very few have been read. I never could quite manage to get one published.

Until now, anyway!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I got a book published. It is entitled, The Gospel-Filled Wallet: What the Bible Really says about Money.

It is not as thrilling as the Mallard book, but I must say it is pretty good. The writing is not perfect, but the message is completely consistent with Scripture, which I cannot say for my Mallard book.

The book is not up yet on Amazon. But Transforming Publications has it available from the printers here. You can also read it online at Google books.

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  1. Does that mean people don’t have to pay you if they read it on google??? grrr….peeps should have to PAY to read a great book on money!!!

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