Keep Yourselves in the Love of God

The title of this post is a quote from Jude 1:21.

The love of God is huge. It blows the mind. It is a powerful thing. It is a beautiful thing. It is so big it makes people not know what words to use, so they use the word “thing.”

It’s big.

It’s so big we may not be able to comprehend it. Like a person in Iowa imagining the ocean. It’s too big and different of a concept, not similar to any bodies of water they’ve ever seen. “It’s like the Mississippi River just more wider.”

Is it possible for a person to escape the love of God? It must be., or else Jude is telling us to do the unneccessary.

How does a guy go about keeping himself in the love of God? I’m not sure. I have to go with the context, which is surrounded by:

–be built up in the most holy faith
–pray in the Holy Spirit
–look for the mercy of our Lord unto eternal life

That’s a good start! The result of being kept in God’s love is that we reach out to those who are lost. Dealing with compassion for some and hasty fearful deliverance for others.

The love of God is big. It expands when it comes into a person, it flows out and reaches others. We are to keep ourselves in it so that others may enjoy it too. It’s a win-win.

One thought on “Keep Yourselves in the Love of God”

  1. The Bible is a living account of how weak and fragile humans prove time after time of our unfaithfulness, and God reveals His trustworthiness.

    The truth is we are all flakes, God is the only one who is dependable, that is what keeps me in love with Him, HE NEVER CHANGES.

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