Be Strong

Inadequacy can never be an excuse for getting out of Christian responsibility. Seems to me the only excuse a guy could have for not listening to God would be, “I would, but I”m too strong.”

We are told that when we are weak, Christ is made strong in us. So you can’t use the “I’m too shy” excuse or the “it’s not my thing” excuse. God does not choose the mighty ones but the weak ones.

Paul tells people to “be strong.” But note carefully what we are to be strong in. He does not say “be strong in yourself” or “be strong in self-esteem.” He says “be strong in the Lord” and “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

There is no weakness that disqualifies a man from serving his Lord. The only thing that can keep you from service is an overinflated head. The next time you whip out the old excuse as to why you can’t do what God says, see if the excuse really means “I”m too strong for that.”

Weakness is great. Try it sometime.