Spiritual Gifts Are About the Giver

The subject of Spiritual Gifts is very confusing. Christianity has done a fine job murdering this subject.

Spiritual gifts are first of all spiritual. They are not physical gifts you were born with, they are spiritual gifts you are re-born with.

Spiritual gifts don’t show up by psycho-analyzing yourself. Spiritual gifts work by studying and knowing the Giver.

Spiritual gifts are not primarily exercised when we have a better self-image. In fact, spiritual gifts are best exercised when we have a very realistic view of who we are in the flesh plus a realistic view of who Christ is.

Spiritual gifts are not about you.

We are to covet earnestly the best gifts, which means there are no set limit of gifts a guy can have. It also implies that we may go after other gifts. Since they are spiritual gifts, if we have the Spirit, we certainly can exercise all gifts, but a few may take precedent.

Spiritual gifts should be somewhat uncomfortable for our natural man to pull off, especially at first. But all fear, doubt and concern should be removed or limited by a healthy view of who God is.

Spiritual gifts should not be discovered by spiritual gift tests.

To hear my sermon on this subject, click right here.

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