Is He Is Or Is He Aint?

1 Peter 2:7 caught my attention the other day and its contents have been rumbling around my brain for a few days. It’s about Christ and our response to Him.

“Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner”

There are two groups and two opinions of Christ. It is a verse of contrast.

*The First contrast is between the groups: those who believe and those who are disobedient, the non-persuaded.

*The Second contrast is between opinions of Christ: He is precious–deemed worthy of honor–or He is disallowed, literally meaning to deem as of no value, to disapprove.

I appreciate when Scripture gives contrasts. We assume we know what “believe” means until we see Scripture’s contrast, which is “disobedient.” That gives another facet of what belief is.

It is also handy when Scripture further gives the out working of that contrast. If you believe you think Christ is precious, of infinite worth. If you disobey, you think Christ is of no value, like a precious metal that has not passed the test of genuineness. He is therefore not important enough for you to obey or believe.

There is depth in this verse. It says a lot in few words.  I like it. That’s all really. I just like it.

One thought on “Is He Is Or Is He Aint?”

  1. Jeff that is why expository preaching as oppose to topical sermons are of more meaningful to me. Expository sermons unfold the depth of God’s word, topical has it’s value, but to those of us who love the Word, give us the actual meaning of a particular text or passage of Scripture.

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