It Is Finished Means Something And Probably Not What You Were Told

WARNING!!! Pet peeve coming:

Over and over I hear people say that our justification is done because Jesus said, “It is finished.” This bothers me. Let me explain why.

I do not disagree that Jesus did all that was necessary for our justification; I do disagree that Jesus meant this when He said “It is finished.” I know this because Paul says “He was raised again for our justification.”

That alone settles it for me. When Christ said “It is finished” He wasn’t even dead yet, let alone raised again!

Furthermore, the “it” of “it is finished” is clearly defined for us two verses earlier. John 19:28 says in part, “…that the scriptures might be fulfilled, he said, ‘I thirst.'”

The word “fulfilled” is the same word as “finished” in John 19:30 where He says “It is finished.” What is finished? Every prophecy concerning His earthly life is finished once He took a drink of vinegar, fulfilling Psalm 69:21.

“It is finished” does not mean justification is finished! It means every prophecy concerning Christ’s earthly ministry is finished. This is not to say that Christ did not accomplish our justification! He did. It just means drinking vinegar does not accomplish justification!

We must be careful with words. Many will think this is stupid to even point out. But it’s this sort of scriptural flippancy that leads people to gross error. It’s the inch that extends to a mile. Just be careful, that’s all.

2 thoughts on “It Is Finished Means Something And Probably Not What You Were Told”

  1. I had always thought that ‘it is finished’ referred to Christ’s completion of being the ‘propitiation’ (The wrath-appeaser) for at the cross all of the wrath of God was ‘poured’ out on Christ. I do like your distinction on justification being at the resurrection and not necessarily at his death. “if Christ was not raised then our faith is meaningless”.

  2. That is how the phrase is commonly used, but it’s not consistent with the context.

    I assume you are related to Scotte? I do miss him. He used to comment on my stuff and leave sarcastic and funny comments. Feel free to take his place!

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