Silencing the Judges

Christians sometimes complain that since they are not saved by works, others should not judge them on their works.

This is a nice happy thought, but it’s just not true, nor should we act like it is.

Many years ago Christian types were putting the “Christians aren’t perfect just forgiven” bumper stickers on their cars. This is pure Christian arrogance.

It basically says, “I’m an idiot and you can’t have a problem with that because I’m forgiven, so I’ll just keep being an idiot.”

It is true that genuine Christians are forgiven, no argument there. I do have an argument with the idea that since that is true what I actually do ceases to matter.

Paul told the Corinthians not to give offense in anything so the ministry is not blamed.

Proverbs says that people judge the character of kids based on what they do, they even project life outcomes by childhood behaviors. People judge you based on what you do, even if you’re just a kid making no religious pretensions.

What people think of you should not be your biggest concern in life; it should also not be your least concern. It does factor in.

You can tell people to stop judging and keep on doing your sin, OR you can go ahead and knock off the sin and give them nothing to judge.

With our well doing, we can put to silence the ignorance of foolish men. There are fools, let us indeed endeavor to silence them. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Silencing the Judges”

  1. Amen! I would state it even more strongly. You may know how much you’ve been forgiven by how perfect you are.

    Although no true christian will ever go around trumpeting his goodness, yet there is a correlation between faith and purity. “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin”, and therefore, “whatsoever is of faith is righteousness.” Provided it is “true faith” and not presumption (counterfeit faith).

    There are, though, carnal and spiritual ideas of perfection. The spiritual view of perfection is something that is done primarily in the heart…the heart is cleansed, and a good foundation is laid. It’s a work that takes place within us, when all the excuses for sin and secret rebellions against God are surrendered and removed.

    Mary’s washing of Jesus’ feet was a good example of a perfect work, wrought from a perfect heart. There was absolutely nothing sinful about what she did, and it lives forever as a beautiful testimony to God’s ability to utterly change the human heart.

    The carnally-minded christians who viewed it, however, found a lot wrong with it. It was indecent, she had a sinful past (which was still held against her by them), and all that money was wasted which could have gone to some “good” missionary enterprise. Their ideas of perfection were very different from Christ’s.

    Carnal christians can never understand God’s perfect work. That is why Christ, the most perfect man that ever walked the earth, was judged as the vilest criminal, not by the world, but by the church of God in His day.

  2. Jeff,
    Great post, we should be growing in reflecting His glory to the lost, and encouraging our brothers in Lord to move to a new awareness of His glory.

    Very wise insights, I am gleaning from you brother thanks.

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