Partakers of the Divine Nature

Self-help has overrun Christian thinking. We’ve replaced Biblical teaching with 8 ways to improve your marriage and 5 ways to pay off the mortgage for Jesus.

This has led to biblical illiteracy amongst professed Christians. Incidentally, it has not seemed to help professed Christians’ marriages or finances either. Go figure.

The real problem is that we’ve cancelled out one of the central tenets of Biblical Faith: regeneration.

Professed Christians are not remotely aware of the fact that they can have new life in Christ. To the extent they are aware of this, they chalk it up to mind games, vision coaching or something. “Think happy Jesus thoughts and you will become a happy Jesus.”

Regeneration is a literal fact and act. You are buried with Christ: old man is crucified with Christ. Dead. Gone. Dealt with. You are raised up to newness of life with Christ. Alive. Present. New.

We are partakers of the divine nature, says Peter. We have all things that pertain to life and godliness because God’s divine power has given them to us.

This is not mind games. This is reality. In Christ you are new. You are strengthened, made alive and empowered to live godly. I understand that our flesh is corrupt, in it dwells no good thing.

But don’t stop there in your masochistic drivelly sorrow! In Christ you are new! Able to please God! Made to do good works!

Christ is powerful enough to save you; He’s powerful enough to sanctify you and change you progressively into the image of Christ from glory to glory. Believe it, reckon it true and act on it.

2 thoughts on “Partakers of the Divine Nature”

  1. Jeff,
    Hearing the gospel never grows old, it’s like a refreshing springtime shower, good word brother!

  2. You are so right. We are new creatures in Christ or we are not in Christ.
    Just wrote an article on partaking of the divine nature of God. You mighat be interested.

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