O, For A Good Heretic

For Bible Study I have been doing a series on Christology. Each lesson starts with a heresy from Church History that misunderstood who Christ was. Stuff like Socinianism, Nestorianism, Arianism, etc.

In looking at these heresies I have to admire the chief heretics that began them. They were logical and consistent. Every heresy that denied the divinity of Christ also denied the Substitutionary Atonement.

It has to be this way. If Christ is not God then the Substitutionary Atonement can’t be the Substitutionary Atonement. They knew this. It was logical. If A is not true, and B relies on A, then B can’t be true either.

These guys were great heretics. They were not afraid to stand on their issue and be consistent.

Unfortunately, we live in a much dumber age. Today people deny A, but even though B relies on A, they still stick with B. “Jesus was not God, but relax, I still think He’s my Savior who died for my sins.”

“Yeah, but, you can’t. That doesn’t make sense.”

You can’t explain to them that you can’t believe contradictory things. But they do. They go half way in their heresy and quit. I hate that. Be consistent.

Old School Heretics took their stand and were logical about it. Oh for the good ol’ days, when a heretic was a heretic.

3 thoughts on “O, For A Good Heretic”

  1. Hey buddy, this may be (and probably is) a dumb question, but it’s been said that God can’t do what is contradictory, if His definition includes the 3 “O’s” (omnipotence, omniscience, ominpresent) doesn’t that mean He can do anything? And if He can’t does that not negate his 3″O” status?

  2. The Bible never says God can do everything, many people say it, but the Bible doesn’t. The Bible says God does what He wants and there are certain things He doesn’t want to do.

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