Intercession Means Action

Back in December I did a post on intercession. My point was that intercession is not just begging God that He will radically change people we can’t stand. Intercession is doing something to help a person.

I came across another proof for my “theory.” Isaiah 53:12 says that the suffering Servant “made intercession.” This is a Hebrew word that is also used in verse 6, “the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

“Laid on him” is the same Hebrew word as “made intercession.” Christ makes intercession by having our sins laid on Him. He doesn’t just pray for us, make a nice case for us, He went above and beyond and took our sin from us and took it on Himself and paid the penalty for it.

Intercession is much more than thinking of them in prayer: DO SOMETHING FOR THEM. I think you could sum it up with: love your neighbor.

Christ did things for us, this is His intercession for us. Intercession is more than words; it’s action on behalf of others. In fact, without the action, it’s not intercession.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I realise this is an old post but i’ve enjoyed reading it and your previous one about intercession.
    I am a theology student and hoping to write my undergraduate dissertation about the connection between prayer and action — specifically, trying to develop the idea of intercession beyond prayer to social action and so forth — all that which can be eloquently summed up as “loving your neighbour”! I think that there is evidence all the way through scripture that God intercedes actively in the world and calls us to do the same, but haven’t yet found any books or strands of theology along these lines, much to my surprise! I was wondering if you’ve come across any other information about this yourself, and if so, whether you’d mind sharing it with me?
    Grace and peace,

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