Begging Answers

The Bible is large. As I said earlier, mine has 1,566 pages. That’s a lot of information.

Most of our Biblical knowledge is boiled down stuff we’ve heard other people tell us. Most of us have not read the Bible enough to know what it says itself.

Everytime you read the Bible you should have questions and you should seek to answer those questions from the Bible, the rest of what you actually read in it.

If you ask another person you will get one of two things:

1) An over-simplistic answer. “Why did Christ die on the cross?” “Because He loves us.” Now, that answer is not wrong, you can use verses to back it up, but it is simplistic. That’s part of it, but not the whole thing.

2) An over-complicated answer. “Why did Christ die on the cross?” “It all starts with creation and involves the outer reaches of the cosmos in the unfolding of the materialization of the inner workings of God. . . .” Four days later the answer rolls on still not ever touching on the cross.

We need to be careful that when we seek answers we do not settle for over-simple answers, nor should we go for overcomplicated answers that miss the simplicity that is in Christ.

Theology is great. But if your theology causes you to know less, it’s not helping.

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