Profiting From Love

1 Corinthians 13 is pretty rough. You can be a martyr and if you don’t have love it profits nothing. Ouch.

In analyzing what I do, how often is pure love my motivation? At some point this exercise becomes nothing but insipid introspection, which, although Paul never said it, also seems to profit nothing.

At the same time, we should examine ourselves. There is a role in our neighborhood that my wife and I took on ourselves voluntarily and, I think, motivated by love, that has now become a burden.

You would be hard-pressed to convince us we were now doing this role out of love, but rather we do it out of having no alternative. Does this mean all we do for this dear, dear neighbor is now worthless?

Perhaps. But I also know we only started it because of love, it was the right thing to do. We also keep doing it because it’s the right thing to do even though love does not look or feel like it once did.

I think we are accountable to do the right thing, even if we have twisted motives. When we do good, evil is present with us, there will be bad motive at some point.

Waiting for purity before moving is a sure way to guarantee you will do nothing, which is also less than profitable. Ah yes, so it continues.

One thought on “Profiting From Love”

  1. I think even in the relationships with those we are close too and love, we may not ‘feel’ love for them at all times. But to honor God’s commands we put the good of others before our own, it’s obedience to His word. Perhaps that is a type of faith, not relying on our emotions, but trusting Christ will give us the desire, even when we feel nothing in the way of emotional love. Maybe real love is not so much about feelings, and emotions, it’s more about our actions.

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