Concordance Christians

Concordance Christians is my new term for those in modern Christianity who often sound informed, as if they have a deep knowledge of God’s Word. They can rip off a fine Scripture quotation to make their point. And they have many points. Many, many points.

Unfortunately, their scriptures that “prove” their points are often ripped out of context. Concordances, at best, give you the phrase the word you are looking for is in, but they do not give anything close to context.

I have detailed many such phrases in the past. As an example, “Where there is no vision the people perish” flops out when churches are about to ask for money. However, the very next phrase says the vision is keeping God’s Law.

But if you are looking for a way to get your plan into action, you look up “vision” in your concordance. “Oh, hey, look at that, just what I needed. If people don’t have my vision they will all die. This will make a great sermon!”

I have a plan to write a concordance that includes context. This plan has one fatal flaw: it’s impossible.

Instead, I urge everyone to just go ahead and read the Bible. Know the context by knowing the Book inside and out. When you use a concordance, don’t stop with your handy phrase, look it up to make sure it actually means what it seems to say in that phrase.

Concordance Christians are an inch deep and a billion miles wide. Modern technology is handy, but also creates ignorance. Go deeper.