God is Angry All The Time

There is a song about God being “good all the time” repeated ad nauseum. The song always bothers me. It doesn’t bother me that people think God is good all the time, He is. No argument.

It does bother me because He’s lots of other things all the time too. Things that might not jive with our notion of “goodness.”

“God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”

A day with the Lord is as a thousand years, etc. One could easily read this verse to say that God is angry all the time.

God is good all the time, but He’s also angry all the time. This is not a bad thing, unless you’re one of the folks He’s angry at, of course. Psalms contains a song about it, why don’t we sing this one ad nauseum?

If you do not love a God who is angry all the time, then you love a God who smiles warmly on things like child abuse, the Holocaust, and various other atrocities.

God is good all the time and sometimes He shows this goodness through anger. I have no problem with singing a song about God being good, let er rip. But balance is important in Theo-ology lest we create a skewed view of God. Give all attributes of God equal play.

2 thoughts on “God is Angry All The Time”

  1. God is just, to administer justice He would have to punish evil, as well as reward goodness. God also disciplines the ones He loves, but we don’t seem to sing about that either. I guess the preacher gets the job of being “fair and balanced” to steal a phrase. Unless you live in Houston, it seems their god is never angry.

    Houston, Texas is set to open the nation’s largest abortion clinic. They also now have a gay mayor. (Joel Osteen did the prayer at her swearing in, naturally.)

  2. Jeff, you are dead on with these comments. A quick look at the Psalms shows us that they do not present only a one-sided picture of God, nor of His people. The victories of His saints, as well as their failings, are clearly acknowledged. The goodness of God, as well as His righteous anger and judgment are also plainly proclaimed.

    It might be good to reflect, when singing such songs, as to what it is that we are actually praising God for? Is it because our nations enjoy such a bounty of cheap goods at the expense of Chinese workers working 18 hours a day in factories, propping their eyes open with clothes pegs to keep themselves awake? Are these the “blessings” of God that show His goodness to us? If that were the case, then I think such a song would be smoke in God’s nostrils (Isa. 65:5).

    Are we also thankful that God rebukes our sin, points out our unfaithfulness, leaves us some of the consequences of our mistakes to remind us of our weaknesses? These should also be sung about.

    Here are links to two songs that are more after that order. Maybe next time someone picks the “God is good” song, you can suggest that they learn a new song, and hand out one of these?

    Click to access RevengeOnSin.pdf

    Click to access MyBrideYouWereToBe.pdf

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