Truth Not Opinion

In my opinion, starting an argument with “in my opinion” can be foolish.

“In my opinion” is the classic Dale Carnegie method of winning arguments and friends, supposedly. It softens the confrontation of ideas. It works quite well in many realms and I would recommend its strength properly applied.

Proper applications of this opening move work well when discussing politics, current events, top rated quarterbacks, whether beef is better than chicken and many other issues.

However, it is wrong to use this phrase when teaching Scriptural truth. Putting God’s Word on the level of opinion is blasphemy.

When preachers in the Bible wanted to confront people they did not start out  with “It is my opinion that the actions taking place amongst the residents of Sodom are not good.”

On the contrary, they began their statements with this very uncompromising statement “Thus says the Lord.” This is not opinion, this is Truth.

Let us not water down the facts of Scripture by making them mere opinions. Preach the word in season and out with all authority, because this is Truth.

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