Boring Faith

Bored Christians are a huge problem. Being bored with your faith is a problem that darkens light and de-flavors salt. It’s a dis-grace.

Being bored in your faith does not mean you are not busy in your faith or that you aren’t doing “ministry” or doing Christ-like activities you get paid for, or doing obligatory prayer and Bible reading. You’re probably doing these things.

Being bored in your faith does mean that you haven’t taken a risk in faith in a very long time. You haven’t stayed up late to pray in a long time because you don’t see the point. You haven’t given sacrificially in years, if ever. You haven’t invested significant time and resources into a person whom you pray for who is not related to and who can’t pay you back.

God works through weak people and His work terrifies these people. Even Paul said he got up trembling to speak. He was scared to confront a whole church that was living in sin.

If you haven’t trembled in your faith recently you are bored with your faith. You don’t think it’s all that real. Christ is just an add-on to the browser of your life.

It’s high time to wake up.

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