Should All Heathens Starve to Death?

OK, I got a question for you. I graciously waited until the afternoon of a Monday to ask you this one. Think it over. Here’s a verse, which I will follow with my question.

The context is Paul talking about the apostasy of the latter times of this age, talking about the sinful and how they will forbid people to marry and command that people stop eating meats. Paul says this about meats:

“. . . meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

God created meats, this word is a generic word meaning “food, stuff you eat.” It does not necessarily refer to the flesh of animals. Here’s my question:

Is eating food a sin for unbelievers?

One thought on “Should All Heathens Starve to Death?”

  1. Jeff, I believe the context in which Paul is referring to (I’m probably wrong) meats, was food that was previously forbidden from the Jewish dietary laws. So I don’t believe Paul is suggesting that only believers are worthy of eating a medium rare t-bone steak

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