The Shepherd’s Presence

A. W. Tozer preached about Shepherds and he said a little something like this:

The safest place for a sheep is by the shepherd’s side.

Wolves are not afraid of sheep. They aren’t even afraid of all the sheep in America. What can sheep do? Gang up and Baaa louder? Give a wolf enough time and he will clean out America of all sheep.

But the presence of a shepherd changes everything. Shepherds can scare off wolves. They can kill and hurt wolves. If it weren’t for shepherds, wolves would have enacted the survival of the fittest on the sheep.

Here’s my riff off of that: “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.” They don’t follow at a distance either, they get right up close to Him.

People who say they are saved and yet don’t live like they are next to the Shepherd are deceiving themselves. Odds are they’ll get eaten by a wolf soon enough. Who wouldn’t want to be with our Good Shepherd?

Apparently lots of people because there are an increasing number of wolves. Be careful out there. Be a true sheep by following the True Shepherd.

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