Regenerating Degenerate Generates

G. Campbell Morgan said that humanity can be divided into three phases:

Generated–God generated all human life. He is the creator and sustainer, without Him the breath of life is removed and we be dead.

Degenerated–Man took their life and followed Satan, the destroyer, and gave up on God, the Creator. Human life fell into sin, disease and waste, falling into a completely degenerate state.

Regenerated–God is not satisfied with our choice and wants to bring us back to perfection, so He graciously provided a way for humanity to be born again, to be regenerated.

 God loves His creation. He hates what we’ve done to it. He wants it back and one day He’ll take it back. If you are not regenerated before then you will eternally be being destroyed.

All humans take part in phase one and two. Only a remnant responds to phase three. If you have any desire to be with God you must be born again. Regeneration is required for access to God.

One thought on “Regenerating Degenerate Generates”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Haven’t you read the Bible, Christ died to save all men. Therefore all men are going to heaven. Oh yeah even guys like Hitler and such, it’s in the Bible.( Not Hitler specifically, but you know all men)

    At least that what Rev.Carlton Pearson is saying. All that stuff that Jesus said about being born again, He didn’t really mean it.

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