Strong’s Concordance and Lexicon

Just found this cool deal. Here is a link to the online Strong’s Concordance and Greek and Hebrew Lexicon. This site allows you to type in a Strong’s number and find all the usages of that Hebrew or Greek word in the KJV. The KJV translates words differently and this is a great tool to find the full meaning of a word. It’s much quicker and easier on the wrists than using the huge books!

2 thoughts on “Strong’s Concordance and Lexicon”

  1. Yeah… but Strong’s is not the best place to go, lexicon-wise. It’s well worth it to get a BAGD. Up-to-date scholarship is important. While Strong’s is better than nothing, it is terribly outdated in several ways.

  2. @Gary – thanks, just purchased a BAGD at your recommendation. I’ve referred to my “trusty” Strong’s as the final word for years, had no idea that it was outdated. (mine, specifically in John 21:15, links “lovest” to 5368). I never got the recall announcement! ;-)
    I’ll be composting my old strong’s this week.

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