Pharisees Were Right. . .

. . . occasionally.

Pharisees don’t have a good reputation. Granted this reputation is well-deserved! However, let’s think about them for a minute. Here are some things that Pharisees believed:

*There is one God
*He is the creator of the world
*There is a resurrection
*There is a heaven and a hell
*Scripture is their authority
*There are angels

Hey, not bad, better than most American Christians, in fact. The fact that they believed many true things didn’t mean they had the truth though.

This is something we need to be aware of in our day. Lots of people sound like they have truth, but listen for a while and you’ll soon be able to discern how much truth they have.

The Pharisees did believe Scripture was their authority, as long as you define “Scripture” as “my favorite parts of the Bible.” This same mindset has crept into modern faith as well.

Satan is a deceiver and a classic technique of his is to use snippets of truth, just leave out tiny bits of it. Watch out for that, it can destroy your soul.

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