Eschatology Matters

Lately there has been much discussion on the internets about End Times stuff, otherwise known as “eschatology.” The debate is over whether your view of The End really matters.

Should Christians that agree about the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ and the shedding of blood for the remission of sins divide over what order they think The End arrives in?

Basic consensus: it shouldn’t.

I guess I would disagree. I think it does matter and it is important enough to divide over, in my humble opinion.

How you interpret the Bible’s teaching on the coming kingdom shows a considerable amount of how you view Scripture. In order to maintain the “amillennial” view you have to conclude that about half of Scripture is spiritualized, allegory, and thus, God didn’t really mean what He said.

This bothers me. If a guy tells me that all that talk about Israel getting a kingdom was just made up, God didn’t really mean it, I will have a problem. What else did God not mean? The only thing God talks about as much as a coming kingdom on earth for Israel is the Gospel itself. Did God mean that part? How can we tell? Surely not by repetition.

Anyway, for further thoughts on it you can listen to my sermon from yesterday on Isaiah 2. If you disagree with me, fine, but don’t comment unless you listen to my sermon first!

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