Hedges of Protection

“I just pray a hedge of protection around her and her family.”

How many times have you heard it?

What is a “hedge of protection?” It makes me think of Roger the Shrubber.

As far as I can figure, it comes from Job 1:10 where Satan says that the only reason Job is faithful is because God has “made an hedge about him.”

Every other usage of “hedge” seems to be a negative thing, God won’t let certain people get away with stuff.

I guess I’m not opposed to the terminology, other than the fact it seems odd in our English. In our desire to be relevant seems we would be praying that God would “put a Brinks Home Security System about her and her family.”

God did not put a hedge around Job because someone asked Him to. The hedge was there because Job was a righteous man who feared God and departed from sin.

God can remove it if He so desires but still no one knows why. God is in charge of the hedges. If you have one, be glad. If you don’t, apparently you should still be glad. Don’t be a hedge hog.

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