Successful Preaching

God told Elijah to tell king Ahab that it wasn’t going to rain for three years. After Elijah delivered his message, God told Elijah to go live by a brook.

Put those two things together now. When it doesn’t rain there ceases to be water. When there ceases to be water there ceases to be brooks. Elijah’s preaching resulted in the drying up of his brook.

Elijah’s preaching did exactly what God said it would do. It accomplished everything it set out to accomplish. The result was not church growth, or riches or even water. It resulted in personal cost–thirst.

But God had a plan, deliverance would come from a widow preparing to eat her last meal. It is often true that the best preachers, the ones who proclaim God’s truth, are ones who are rejected.

John the Baptist preached his head off. Christ preached His way onto a cross. John preached his way into prison. Paul was left alone, in prison and then beheaded.

Don’t be surprised when the world hates you. Nor be surprised when the “church” hates you, they’re often the same thing. You may be thirsty. You may suffer. But God vindicates His people and what a day it will be.

5 thoughts on “Successful Preaching”

  1. I appreciate your many insights into scripture and daily life as a servant of the Lord.

    I may more appreciate that they are not in given in many words.

    Does the Bible say something about a fool and many words?

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog a few weeks ago. Keep it up. Thanks.

  2. Jeff,
    Perhaps your most insightful entry ever. Not that your others aren’t good, just really great words of truth.

  3. Thanks guys. In all honesty, this one is mainly borrowed from an A. W. Tozer sermon I recently heard! Can’t take all the credit.

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