Possible Benefit of Legalism

I am no fan of legalism. Doing stuff to be impressive to others and thinking this wins points with God is arrogant and blasphemous. The believer is required to view legalism this way as this is how Christ viewed it. Being a whitened sepulchre does not remove dead bones within.

In my mind, the only worse state of mind to be in is one of total care-free, no worries, God loves us all and we’re all in, so don’t worry.

Legalism is better than hardened conscious, unchecked liberty (as opposed to Christ given liberty). Here’s why I state this: at least the legalist is aware of God’s law and the Law is a schoolmaster to bring people to Christ.

However, on saying this, legalism is not redeemed by that possibility. I’m just sayin, that’s all.

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