The Three R’s of Christianity

People know the three R’s of education:

1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Arithmetic

When I was four I figured out that two of the three R’s of education didn’t begin with an R and have ever since been turned off by school and it’s devilish indoctrination.

We also now know the three R’s of environmentalism:

1) Reduce
2) Reuse
3) Recycle

These at least start with an R, which is good.

Recently I just read that Christianity had three R’s, which I never knew. They are:

1) Rod the Rather
2) Resus Rist
3) Roly Ririt

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. The three R’s of Christianity are:

1) Ruin
2) Redemption
3) Regeneration

Ruin refers to the fall of human nature brought on by the sin of our father Adam. Redemption refers to the atoning work of the blood. And Regeneration has to do with the new life believers are raised to. I never heard this before but I like it.

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