Women and Homosexual Pastors

Here is a conversation I had the other day.

Person: I’m going to this church group and a lot of the women in there keep going on about tongues and I tell them I don’t believe in tongues. They say there’s something wrong with me, I’m not as spiritual. I just don’t get the point of tongues. What do you think about it?

Me: Well, Paul didn’t seem to get the point of tongues either if they aren’t done biblically. He said he’d rather speak five words in a known tongue than a thousand in an unknown tongue.

Person: Yeah, I agree. But they keep saying there’s stuff wrong with me for not doing it.

Me: Well, you could point them to 1 Corinthians 14 and show them that even if tongues are taking place they aren’t supposed to be done by women.

Person: Really? It says that?

Me: Pretty much.

Person: What is up with the Bible saying women aren’t supposed to talk in church? I thought we lived in liberated days?

Me: We do live in liberated days. But the Bible still says women aren’t supposed to take teaching positions over men in the church.

Person. So you don’t think there should be women pastors?

Me: Not according to Scripture.

Person: Well, I don’t know about that. Women are liberated now. It really is hard to find a good church. The one I grew up in is letting the homosexuals in as pastors. I don’t get it. How can they let homosexuals be pastors? Don’t people read their Bibles anymore?

Me: You mean like the part about women not having teaching authority in the church?

Person: (Wry smile)

Me: I’m just saying. If we determine one part is cultural, not applicable to today on a whim, with absolutely no indication that it has changed, why not change any other part? If you open that door a crack pretty soon all manner of error will come in.

Person: OK. I’ll think about that. See you later.

5 thoughts on “Women and Homosexual Pastors”

  1. Nice one!

    I am in a church that has women pastors.

    I have met a couple of them that are good and faithful stewards of God’s Word.

    But, for the most part I think it has been a disaster for our church.

    And now..we are going to get openly gay pastors as well.

    I think it is time to leave this apostate denomination.

  2. I wonder how church leaders justify having women pastors. Just guessing, that they some how nullify Paul’s exhortation as cultural. But isn’t all scripture inspired of God? Are not the words of Paul just as inspired as the words of Christ? Can we say that a certain teaching isn’t as anointed as another? Can we have it both ways? Saying one teaching is inspired directly from God, but the other is not? Is the all the Bible inspired of God, or only the words in red letters. I know what I believe, but it may not be everyone’s understanding.

  3. I’m also of the view that as a general rule, women should not be pastors/leaders of the flock. However, there were extraordinary circumstances when God chose women (Deborah being one example) where apparently there were no men who were either willing or qualified.

    In Christ’s kingdom, there is neither “male nor female”, so it is certainly possible for God to use women even in leading roles, but He generally doesn’t do this, because of the unique weaknesses generated by the fall. Therefore, I take it to be the “exception” rather than the rule.

    As to whether Paul’s counsel was based on custom, I see how an argument could be made in that direction…for example, Paul also counsels that a woman’s head should be covered…but I don’t see too many churches following that rule anymore. Therefore, some might say, “if the head coverings were because of custom, perhaps the counsel for women to keep silence in church may also have been.”

    So, I think you have to consider the “cultural” argument, otherwise you’ll have to command head-coverings for the women as well. But I think the submission of women to men goes right back to just after the fall, so it seems to transcend custom/tradition.

    Another thing to consider is that we are in a time when order is being turned upside down…women want to be men and men want to be women. Therefore, we need to be even more careful that this spirit does not find it’s way into God’s church.

    In the Old Testament (and the New as well, actually), it was an abomination for a woman to wear the dress of a man. But today it is done everywhere. And most women are affected by this and become bold and bossy…or man-like.

    As a married man, I find my wife’s counsels to me hold the most weight when they are carried by humility and submission. Then, the power of God can work most effectively through her, and I am more apt to consider if I am making a mistake in my judgment. There is the real power of a woman in submission, but it is not seen as such in this brash age.

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