The Silences of God

Working on a theory, a theory which will change nothing, just a theory. It involves the silence of God. Why do portions of biblical history include so many divine interventions while other portions have nothing?

Yes, I know that God is always active and His Spirit is always working and “the sunrise is a miracle every morning.” Not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about signs, judgments, prophets, fire from heaven, etc. I’m also not talking about Pentecostal wonders, not to offend, but seriously, not the same stuff.

So here’s my thinking to this point based on the following facts.

Periods of God’s silence:
*After the fall, Cain to Noah.
*Noah to Babel and Abram
*Joseph to Moses
*Malachi to John the Baptist and Jesus
*Apostolic Era to Signs of the End

My theory, at this point, says that God has periods of silence after people kind of mess up stuff. The Fall, the Flood, the Flight to Egypt, the Failure to hear the prophets, and the Crucifixion of Christ all occur before God goes silent.

Perhaps the reason for the extended period of silence we are in now is a result of rejecting God’s most clear revelation of Himself and His righteousness. Romans 1 seems to back this up to some extent.

Again, God’s silence cannot always be assumed to be a sign of His grace, it may be a sign that He has given us over to our fleshly desires. Watch out when the silence ends!

3 thoughts on “The Silences of God”

  1. I can’t wait till the silence ends and Jesus returns in the clouds with the sound of a trumpet, to take His Bride home, and we will ever be with the Lord!!

  2. A little off topic, but even in our personal lives we assume God’s silence equals disappointment. And perhaps that’s not the case at all, maybe He’s trusting us to do what His word says, regardless of us not “hearing” Him at a precise moment. Will we be faithful, even when we don’t hear the applause from heaven?

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