Be Holy as I Am Holy

God is holy. Christians don’t have much trouble admitting that fact. The larger problem with knowing God is holy is that we don’t know what Holy is.

What does Holy mean? Most answer along the lines of “Without sin.”

What does Righteous mean? Um, without sin.

Holy isn’t just being without sin; holy means to be separate. God is wholly other than we are. God is a spirit; we are physical. He is completely different, totally separate from His creation. He is separate and He is separating a people to His name.

God wants us to be holy, separated and different. God wants us to avoid sin, this is obvious, but why?

After a very long list of laws, God tells Israel He wants them to avoid these sins because that’s what the nations He’s driving out of their land did. It’s not just an issue of doing wrong; it’s an issue of being different from sinful idiots.

Who we are as God’s children separates us from those who are not God’s children. Even in the OT the people were made holy by God, He is the one who sanctifies (makes holy, separates).

Can a person be separated to God and not act separate? Not if the person is around for any length of time. Even the thief on the cross made a separated stand from his fellow criminal.

We’re supposed to be different because it shows the character of our God. Whatever our world is doing: the opposite gives a pretty good idea as to what God desires from His Holy People. Let’s do that then.

8 thoughts on “Be Holy as I Am Holy”

  1. I think we do exhibit holiness to a certain degree, as we also exhibit our sinfulness, to a greater degree.

    We certainly are a mixed bag.

    He who started a good work in us will bring it to completetion. The Bible does tell us that (thanks be to God).

  2. Jesus was holy, but He didn’t call attention to that aspect of His nature. I think when we try to be holy, we striving to attain a position rather than a person. Try to live as Jesus did, and one will be different enough from the world.

  3. I believe Peter was serious in his meaning, but only God is totally Holy, totally separate. A person would be beating their head against the wall trying to be Holy. On a believer’s best day they still stink of humanity. It’s Christ living through us that makes us separate, different (Holy) from those that don’t know Him.

  4. We do the devil a favor if we make the service of God appear to be an impossibly high calling that no one can fulfill. “Be holy for I am holy”. God said it, our response is to believe it, like our father Abraham. This is the first obstacle to holiness: our unbelief.

    The second is this: holiness has to do with the heart, and not always with the outward appearances.

    Ps. 119:34 – Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.

    When Mary washed Christ’s feet that was a holy act, and fully acceptable to Jesus. But there were many things about it that didn’t seem holy to human eyes, and Simon was quick to point those things out.

    Jesus corrected him. Simon the Pharisee was wrong for making the service of God impossibly difficult for sinners (which Pharisees always do). Mary was justified. “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

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