Adam, Cain, You and Sin

The first sin committed in our world was unique. Sin had not yet entered the human realm. It wasn’t until Satan showed up that man even considered the option of not listening to God. Satan had to go out of his way to convince people to sin.

The next “sin of the Bible” is Cain. After God rejected his grain offering Cain got pouty. God shows up to talk to Cain, tells him that the issue is that he didn’t do what was right. It had nothing to do with his brother.

God attempts to talk Cain out of more sin, to rule over the sin that was lying at his door. We know the end, even after visiting with God Cain went out and killed his brother. But note the huge shift!

Satan tried to talk Adam and Eve INTO sinning; God tried to talk Cain OUT OF sinning!

This is evidence of original sin, of sin being natural to all sons of Adam. We don’t need much help anymore in convincing ourselves to sin. Now we need God, through the Spirit, to talk us out of it!

Let My People Go, Sometime

The Old Testament account of Israel’s redemption out of Egyptian bondage is a great allegory for salvation. Romans 6 says we were bought out of slavery to sin so that we may now bind ourselves to God as servants of righteousness.

What a great example and illustration to understand our freedom in Christ!

Unfortunately, the modern gospel has changed the facts. The modern gospel tells us that Christ merely changed our judicial standing; He didn’t really give us power over sin.

“We are justified but hey, we’re just like everyone else. We’re just heathen scum saved by grace so we’ll continue being heathen scum. In fact, our dedication to heathen scuminess actually shows our great faith in God’s grace.”

If this modern gospel message were true here is how the Exodus would have gone.

God hears the crying of Israel and has compassion on them. He meets Moses in a burning bush and tells Moses, “I want you to go and tell Israel that they are now free! Tell them they are no longer under bondage.”

Moses, a bit confused says, “Are you going to free them before I tell them this?”

“Oh no, Moses! I’m just going to tell them they are free. They will be free as long as they think they are free and yield to the mind games I’m playing.”

“So, you’re not really going to free them?”

“Well, when they are dead they’ll be free, but no, for now, still have to serve the Egyptians. BUT, and get this, this is the cool part, let them know I think they are free!”