Proud Bible Teachers

It’s a tendency for a teacher to feel proud. When you write something good or have a nice sermon, man it feels good. God is pretty lucky to have us and our wit on His side, amen.

The Bible is a wonderful tool at undermining pride. Pride is the central human failure that gets us all the time. God rails against it. I imagine there are some things in Scripture that would eliminate pride in teachers of the Bible. Ah yes.

1) Balaam’s dear donkey. Yup, gotta start here. If a donkey can do your job, you shouldn’t be proud.

2) Fish-gut smelling Jonah. Jonah wanted nothing to do with his mission and demonstrated it with a horrible attitude, his message was seven short words. And he converted an entire city.

3) Idiot Judas Iscariot. Judas was with the disciples, took part in all their missions, presumably even did miracles, the disciples had no idea who the betrayer would be, making you think there was no difference. Yet look at the outcome.

I’ll stop there. I think that’s plenty. I’m sure you can think of more. If God does indeed work through anything that we do or say it is vital to remember that it is indeed His work. We plant and water, He grants the increase. Relax, do your job and let God do His.