Sincere Readers of My Blog

I have detected a way to quickly identify what Christian books are written in an argumentative manner. Whatever the argumentative topic may be (Arminianism/Calvinism, dispensational/covenant, etc) arguers from both sides will say something like this in their introduction:

Sincere readers of the Bible will know what I am about to tell you.” Or, “It is obvious to those who have diligently studied God’s Word.. . .”

This sort of phrase cracks me up. Basically, the author is saying, “If you’re not a complete idiot you will agree with me.”

Now, I get why they say it, and in some cases it may even be true. But it’s the tone, the implication, the underlying snippiness that ruins credibility.

If you see a line like this in your theological book, just know that you are getting a one-sided view written from someone who is arguing.

Sincere readers of my blog know this already, you other idiots don’t.

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