Pastor Prayers

I listen to a fair amount of sermons via the internet. I am greatly troubled by one area of these sermons that no one else seems to mind, certainly not the majority of sermonizers I hear. The way they pray is creepy.

Creep factor #1: They use a different, breathy, “I’m being very serious right now” voice. I want to strangle John Piper when he prays. When the prayer voice is different from the regular voice, that bugs me.

Creep factor #2: Oh the lengthy prayer. Wrap it up guys. I always wonder if these prayers are written. How do they seamlessly keep going and going like that? I know the Spirit intercedes and He is eternal, but He probably enjoys doing other things with His eternity than interceding on your one prayer.

Creep factor #3: The obligatory, “Get me out of the way so that You may speak through me” request. Although this sounds humble and terrific to say, it sure seems like the guy is bragging about the power He has to allow God to speak and how, since I just asked God to speak through me, whatever I say now is God, not me, so don’t argue with me about it.

I’m sure I am in the “wrong spirit” as I listen to guys praying, how dare I critique their prayer life. Well, I consider myself to be in good company.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Prayers”

  1. I normally like your stuff, but be careful here.

    If this causes your readers to be distracted or amused during the next 10 pre-sermon prayers they hear (when they could be worshipping), then you’ve done them a disservice.

  2. sometimes I like to count the times some rambling preacher utters the words “Father,” “Jesus,” “God,” etc when they pray. it’s like they don’t really believe they have His attention. Or perhaps His mind does wander a little when His people are verbose.

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