To Die Must Be a Gain

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Here’s a great test of your faith: What are you living for? What are your biggest aspirations in life?

If it is anything other than “Christ” you are off. Obviously, “to live is Christ” can look different for different people. Paul is not calling us all to mimic everything he has done, go to all the places, write all the same stuff and talk to all the same people, etc.

Many gifts in the One Body. Here is how you test your life direction, follow it with the second part of this verse. Does it make sense? For example:

“For to me to live is saving a million dollars and to die is gain.”

How is dying going to gain you anything toward that goal?

“For to me to live is gardening and to die is gain.”

How does dying bring gardening gains?

“For to me to live is leadership and to die is gain.”

In other words, if your life direction is based on earthly power, prestige, or gain of anything earthly, dying is not going to gain anything in that direction. However, if what I’m doing is for Christ, heaven, eternity dying will only benefit me and bring me great gain!

Cool. Thanks to G. Campbell Morgan for the idea.

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  1. I hear human remains are good fertilizer. And I’ve heard of people being buried in their garden.

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