Sitting Idle

“How can you sit idly by while the world falls apart?”

Well, God is.

God seems to let things play out, run their course without intervening to stop genocide, human trafficking, abortion or many other ills. God said to Abraham “the sin of the Amorites is not yet full.” There’s more sin they need to be allowed to do.

Revelation tells unjust people to keep being unjust and righteous people to keep being righteous.

God’s wisdom on this issue is way past ours and yet how arrogant we assume we are with our ability to stop sins even God does not stop.

The job of the man of faith is to sound the alarm, to give the warning. The man of faith is never told to make people stop doing things. He is never told to freak out at the awful condition of our world. We speak the truth and show the love of Christ to the neighbor nearest us at the moment.

The sin of the world will continue until God puts an end to it. Be more concerned about the sin of your own life and your faithfulness in carrying out God’s Word. Fear not, God still runs the joint.

2 thoughts on “Sitting Idle”

  1. Stop, you are making to much sense! It can’t be that simple, we must try and make unbelieving people “act” like followers of Christ, even though they have no idea who He is.

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