Satisfied with not Reaching the Dissatisfied

Read this today: “And how can the global Church reach the dissatisfied?”

The context was a snippet on a “new study” showing how 65% of people don’t like church. Oh dear, oh dear, what can we do to make whiners like it better?

This sort of thing really bothers me. The squeaky wheel getting the grease may work on a wagon but not so well when it comes to following the Lord’s instructions for running His Church.

I see verses that say, “Teach these things to faithful men.” I don’t see “Teach these things to people who are hardly there and do little if anything.”

I see verses that say, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” I don’t see “Cast all your pearls before swine, I mean, you know, if they ever show up.”

The Church is not an institution for the World. People mess this one up all the time. It is specifically given (Ephesians 4) for the edification of the saints. It’s for the saints not the world. You can’t run the Church off worldly wisdom but on the Wisdom of its Head, Jesus Christ.

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