Old and New Nature Article

Here is a very thought-provoking article on the old and new nature (pdf file), what they are, how they work and what happens to them with the Holy Spirit’s energy in the believer’s life. Still thinking this one over.

2 thoughts on “Old and New Nature Article”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I have scanned the article you linked to and found it interesting. I’m going to try and read it in more detail as I find the time.

    You may find the book “Rebound and Keep Moving” of interest since it discusses these same issues. The book was written by R.B. Thieme, Jr. who is a dispensationalist so his approach will be more “Chaferian” in nature. I am quite familiar with Thieme’s teaching on this subject and I don’t remember him teaching some of the things attributed to Chafer in the linked article.

    I just want to say that I’m providing the link because I think you might find it interesting. I have no interest in pushing you to accept the teaching in it. There is way too much bullying going on the internet and I want to be sure I don’t cross any lines here.


  2. Thanks Glenn, I hear ya!

    I’m quite familiar with Chafer’s two natures idea and thought the article treated it fairly. It raised a concern I’ve always had with it–the idea of assuming a third neutral party kind of thing. But these things are always open to examination and interpretation! That’s what will make heaven so great: we’ll just know!

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