Fear Not Every Day

There’s a new stupid illustration making its way around Christianity. This one is really dumb because with modern technology it takes about 12 seconds to verify its accuracy.

The new stupid illustration goes like this:

“The Bible tells us to fear not. In fact, the Bible says “fear not” 365 times. It says “fear not” 365 times because God knew we needed to hear it every day.”

I heard this one and my immediate response was, “there’s no way.” First of all, I have read the Bible enough to know it just wasn’t in there that many times.

Second, the Jewish year does not have 365 days in it! The calendar the guys who wrote the Bible used didn’t have that many days. A typical “we are the Western world and the universe revolves around us” attitude on display.

Again, verify your illustrations lest you undermine the authority and accuracy of The Message.

One thought on “Fear Not Every Day”

  1. I got 63 (sixty-three) hits out of the KJV. The TNIV doesn’t even have the combination “fear not.”

    David Baird

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