Shouldn’t Pastors Shut Up First?

Here’s my point so far:

I don’t like to converse or argue.
I think everyone should shut up.

Now, upon summing my point I see I come across very arrogant. Well, there’s a fine line between faith and arrogance.

The critique that would arise now would be: if talking is what causes division shouldn’t the most vocal people shut up? Since pastors are the most vocal people in the church shouldn’t they shut up first?

I will grant this point: Most pastors should indeed shut up. The only ones who should be allowed to talk are those who are gifted and qualified.

Those who are gifted and biblically qualified should preach the word in season and out. (Notice in the list of qualifications linked to above in Titus 1 that one of the jobs of a pastor is to shut people up.)

This does not mean pastors should not be tested, questioned or challenged. Pastors are fallible and human. You will not get to heaven because you agree with a guy on everything.

At the same time, you are just as fallible and human as a pastor. Pastors are generally challenged on everything from the content of a sermon, the length of their prayers, the type of car they drive, the house they live in, the clothes their wife wears, etc. We don’t need to go out of our way to find challenges. They show up quite frequently. Comes with the territory.

Challenging pastors is not in short supply. Which is why I, a pastor, have ceased trying to fight on everything. I will never win in the arena of human opinion. Which is why I stand firm in my convictions before God and do my best to not get hot and bothered by people.

I’ve learned to discern who wants truth and who wants dialogue for the sake of yakking. Not interested. Just not. Edifying people with my words is what I desire to do and I have gotten better finding out who wants edifying and who just wants to tear down.

So, this brings my point to a full close for today. All a thought process kicked off by an observation about funeral messages. He who glories let him glory in the Lord. I desire to preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Pastors Shut Up First?”

  1. Hey if you want to avoid an argument never mention Calvinism in “mixed” company, just some friendly advice. I learned the hard way, some Christians think your quoting a heretic.

  2. “Biblically qualified”….that’s a good one. Does that term really mean anyone who agrees with your interpretation of the bible? You say pastors should be tested, challenged, and questioned, but you really only want to be questioned on the easy issues where you have a “biblical” answer. You reserve the right to opt out of answering a tough question if your feelings tell you the person is not interested in edification. What does edification mean, agreeing with you? For example, I asked you to provide the scriptural basis for your doctrinal belief that scripture is our sole and final authority for all Christian truth and practice. You refused to provide any scripture that specifically teaches this notion because you discerned that I was only interested in yakking. Since when is it unedifying to ask a pastor to provide the biblical basis for the “doctrine” he promotes as biblical truth? You did not provide a scriptural reference because it does not exist. If it did you would provide it and say, “next question”.

  3. We know the world is full of false pastors who sincerely believe they are teaching truth. If you are truly a pastor, then you are charged by God to speak and teach the truth, “in season and out of season”. Seems you only want to play ball when the weather is warm and sunny. Sitting on the bench is not what you signed up for when you answered the call of Christ to be on his team. Are you confident of your vocation, or did you self appoint yourself as one who is qualified? Can I label myself as biblically qualified and go start my own “church”, teaching people what I think is true? When people challenge you with a question, you are obligated to provide the truthful answer, but you are not obligated to argue and waste your time. Provide truthful answers and if people don’t agree with you that is their problem, not yours. Are you willing to answer a very simple question? Where does the bible teach that it is the sole and final authority for Christian doctrine and practice? Would you be willing to admit this is not a biblically supported doctrine, but you believe it to be true because it makes the most sense?

  4. On the contrary, the Bible tells pastors to teach things to faithful men, not every single person who hurls a question at me. Once again, I’ll kindly let you know, as I did in several emails already, that I’m not interested and please go fight the anti-reformation elsewhere.

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