The Spirit Itself

My post the other day detailing the KJV translations of Romans 8:16 and 26 was going to draw out the KJV bashers. And, it did.

Here’s the funny thing, the KJV is actually being literal here! Greek nouns are either feminine, masculine or neuter. Pneuma, the Greek word for Spirit, is a neuter noun.

Greek pronouns take the gender of the noun, thus a neuter noun deserves a neuter pronoun, which is why the KJV does not translate it “the Spirit himself” because they are being consistent with the Greek noun.

However, the Spirit is a person of the Godhead so most translations go with “himself” there, which is fine. I just thought that was interesting. I’ll stick with my KJV, not because I have to, but because I want to, nay, I get to.

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