Checklists and Love

I was in a conversation about love and checklists.  If you need a checklist to do nice things do you really love people? In other words, you can’t make love a legalistic issue.

As we talked we began to question that notion. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts and we are to work out what Christ worked in us, with fear and trembling even. Paul brought his body under subjection to keep himself going the right way.

Keeping a calendar of birthdays for your family members is a checklist to help you show love.

Whether you have an actual written list or not you do things for people you love. You remember what they like, even if you don’t like those things, and you do them.

I am not a very socially smooth individual. I get cold sweats before making phone calls. I frequently have to force myself to make phone calls, a mental list, to make myself do it. The reason I make a list and force myself to do those things is because I do love people and I want them to know it. I will even force myself to do what I dread for their sake. And it might take a little motivation to get me to conquer my insecurities.

I suppose to some that does not sound like love. To me, love’s essence is doing for others what may not be pleasant for you, but with some motivation it’s do-able. Jesus Christ repeatedly brought up His coming crucifixion, as if He had it on His to-do list written from eternity past, and it was the greatest act of love ever.

One thought on “Checklists and Love”

  1. Why do we both have issues with making phone calls?

    I think it’s good to know what other people see as love from you. So if I know someone needs words, or a gift or a whatever, I can carry through with that by putting it on my list. My initial motivation is out of love – my putting it on the checklist is making sure my human nature carries through with it.

    I always make time to do my true way of showing love – food!! Speaking of which…cookies are done and ready to be sent!

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