Reasons For Changing Faiths

Lots of news these days about survey findings that, like never before, Americans are switching faiths. Almost half of all Americans have changed faiths (religions or denominations) at least once. Much head scratching has ensued to answer “Why, oh why?”

Here are my reasons why, some of which may be a tad sarcastic.

1) In the End Times people have no clue what the Bible says and will be tossed about with every wind of doctrine.

2) The NIV.

3) Too many choices and Americans with options tend to take those options.

4) Pastors come and go so fast in churches that there is no sense of consistency, permanency, or trust in leadership.

5) Americans move so much, make a new start in greener pastures, often bringing change in many areas of life.

6) Freedom to switch since it’s now “insensitive” or something to claim that “my church is the only place where true believers are.”

7) Feminism. I don’t know why, but since Eve woman have pretty much ruined everything, might as well blame them for this one too.

8) Most churches are so biblically illiterate what difference does it make anyway?

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