The Light of the World Is Jesus

“You are the light of the world.”
“We’re delivered from the kingdom of darkness.”
“What fellowship has light with darkness?”

Visibility is key to success. There’s lots going on out there and to stand out, to grab someone’s precious attention, to be visible, you gotta act crazy.

Visibility usually means stretching the limits of decency, pushing the envelope, being outside the box. The modern church has gone after visibility in this way for years. Slice of Laodicea and A Little Leaven both chronicle the modern church’s attempts at being visible.

This form of visibility seems to work. People are attracted to the commotion. Pastors are modern PT Barnum clones. It works for a time because well, you’re just becoming dark like the rest of the world. Men love darkness, they like a show. Here we are now, entertain us.

The problem is that once you stop being exciting, cutting edge and outside the box, people leave. You’ve called them to a show. All hit television shows eventually end. People move on. They’ll drop you like last week’s TV Guide.

A light in darkness is true visibility. The world cannot duplicate Light as the Light is not of this world. Being Light is the one thing the Church has the world doesn’t. This is our key to being visible!

So why doesn’t the modern church try being Light? It’s hard, not very exciting and only occurs when a life has been transformed. You can’t replicate light, it’s either the real deal or it dims and fades.

 Here’s merely one example the Bible gives on how to be light: stop complaining.

Imagine how bright the church would be if every single person in it quit complaining?  So, what’s easier: having your pastor ride a motorcycle into church chugging beer or having all the whiners in your church (i.e.–you and me) shut up?

Yeah, we’ll stick with pastor riding his Harley. True Light is doing good works that glorify the Father. Sounds easy enough until you find out that the world hates Light, hates good works and hates your Father.

So, we hide our light under a bushel, crank out the marketing team and join the darkness parade.

“Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.” –Luke 11:35

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